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If you constantly stress about your beloved dog leaving the property and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars for a traditional fence, Hero Invisible Dog Fences is your solution!

You really are an amazing trainer. We are grateful for your help!!

– Lisha, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Give yourself peace of mind knowing your dog will stay in your yard and save thousands while knowing that ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT P.A.W. SERVICE DOGS

At Hero Invisible Dog Fences, you are not restricted to just one type of underground or wireless pet fence like every other company. Instead, you receive options of various containment systems and provided a professional dog trainer’s recommendation. You will receive the advantages and disadvantages of each option as well as total costs.

Included with every purchase from Hero Invisible Dog Fences is the priceless advice and training you and your dog receive from the founder of P.A.W. Service Dogs, Erik Kolbow. Your dog will receive two formal training sessions from Erik. The family will receive guidance and clear instructions on how to conduct training in between our sessions as well as continuation training for future situations. 

Why Hero Invisible Fences?

  • Professional dog training to ensure your dog understands its boundary limits.
  • A choice of different invisible electrical dog fences or containment systems so you can choose what works best for your situation.
  • Thousands of dollars less than a hard structured or privacy fence.

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Multiple versions of underground wired systems, collar-only boundary systems and wireless electrical dog containment systems.

An invisible dog fence is an electrical system that is designed to keep your dog within a predetermined boundary through the use of an e-collar and containment system.

Dependent on the system chosen, your dog will receive a tone, vibration and/or stimulus through its collar when it has approached the boundary limit. When trained properly, the dog will immediately stop and go back to its safe area.

The average cost of an invisible electric dog fence is between $250 and $3500. The total cost depends on type of system, size of yard, if installation is done professionally or not and if a professional trainer is involved.

When trained properly, it is very rare that a dog leaves its boundary created by an invisible electrical dog fence. Fear, anxiety, lack of training, error in system installation and incorrect type of containment system are the leading reasons why a dog leaves the area.

Yes, there is rarely a limit placed upon the number of dogs. However, this is dependent on the type of invisible electrical dog fence system chosen and the variety of demeanors amongst the dogs.

  1. There will be multiple containment systems to choose from instead of having to use one type.
  2. A hands-on consultation will be made with your dog(s) as well as an assessment of your property before suggestions of any system is made.
  3. Professional training by the best.
  4. Installation of the system.
  5. 100% of proceeds benefit P.A.W. Service Dogs.

Vakaa’s understanding of boundary training was an immediate success!

Ruth and Boaz learning the boundaries of their large property as they perfect their livestock guardian dog responsibilities.

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